Call for Papers

Eighth International Conference on Architectural Support for
Programming Languages and Operating Systems (ASPLOS-VIII)
The Fairmont Hotel, San Jose, California, October 4-7, 1998.

Rapid advances in VLSI technology, compilers, operating systems, and computer architecture provide a rich environment for creative system design. Like its predecessors, the eighth ASPLOS conference focuses on the interaction of these technologies. Full papers are solicited on, but not limited to, these topics:

  • Interaction of operating systems with architectures
  • Interaction of compilers and programming languages with architectures
  • Novel approaches to processor, memory, interconnect, and I/O architectures
  • Performance evaluation of experimental systems
  • Effect of future VLSI technology and emerging applications on architectures, operating systems or compilers
  • Authors should e-mail one electronic copy of the submitted paper (in postscript format, previewable by ghostview) to the program chair at by March 7, 1998. Authors can take an automatic extension of one week past this deadline. The postscript file should be appended to the ASPLOS '98 submission form available from the WWW site listed at the end of this document. Because the identity of the authors will not be revealed to the referees, authors' names and affiliations should appear only on the submission form. Papers must not exceed 5000 words. Excessively long papers will be rejected outright by the Program Chair. Authors will be notified of paper acceptance or rejection by June 13, 1998. Camera ready copies of accepted papers should be received by the Program Chair by July 18, 1998.

    Submitted papers must not be simultaneously under review for any other conference or journal, and authors should point out any substantial overlap with their previously published work. Since ASPLOS is a multi-disciplinary conference, papers should contain enough background material to make them accessible to all three communities and should make very clear the architectural tie to either operating systems or compilers and programming languages.

    Submissions will be read by the program committee and designated reviewers and judged on scientific merit, innovation, readability and relevance. ``New-idea'' papers are encouraged; the program committee recognizes that such papers may contain a significantly lesser amount of evaluation than papers in more established areas. Accepted papers will be published in the Proceedings, which will be distributed at the conference and published as an issue of the ACM SIGARCH, SIGOPS and SIGPLAN newsletters.

    Tutorials and workshops will precede the conference. If you are interested in teaching a tutorial or leading a workshop, please send proposals to the tutorial/workshop Chair at the address below.

    All publicity materials for the conference, including a copy of this call for papers, an announcement of tutorial topics and workshops, an advance program, and registration information, will be made available at the WWW site listed below.

    Conference and paper submission information is available via anonymous ftp from and on the World Wide Web at

    General Chair

    Dileep Bhandarkar
    Intel Corporation
    2800 Center Dr., MS-DP2-218
    Dupont, WA 98237-5050

    Program Chair

    Anant Agarwal
    MIT - LCS
    545 Tech. Sq.-NE43-624
    Cambridge, MA 02139

    Publicity Chair

    Frederic T. Chong
    UC Davis
    Dept. of Comp. Science
    Davis, CA 95616

    Workshops Chair

    David R. Kaeli
    Northeastern Univ.
    Dept. of ECE
    Boston, MA 02115

    Program Committee:

    Saman Amarasinghe (MIT)
    Prith Banerjee (Northwestern)
    Brian Bershad (University of Washington)
    Josh Fisher (HP Labs)
    Maya Gokhale (Sarnoff)
    Allan Gottlieb (NYU)
    Anoop Gupta (Microsoft Research/Stanford)
    Mark Hill (Wisconsin)
    Wen-mei Hwu (Illinois)
    Randy Katz (UC Berkeley)
    John Kubiatowicz (UC Berkeley)
    Kathryn S. McKinley (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
    Chuck Thacker (Microsoft)
    Willy Zwaenepoel (Rice)

    Last updated September 2, 1997