Jason Lowe-Power

Assistant Professor in Computer Science

Assistant Professor in Computer Science


Email: jlowepower@ucdavis.edu

It’s an exciting time to be a computer architect! For the past 40 years, we’ve relied on Moore’s Law and related manufacturing advances for the meteoric increase in computer performance. However, these advances are approaching their physical limits. To increase the efficiency of our devices and enable novel applications we must architect new hardware and computing systems. My research targets important end-to-end applications (e.g., big-data analytics) and develops new hardware, software, and systems to improve their performance increase their scalability. Computing systems’ performance improvements have brought the world amazing things: smart phones, Google search, machine learning, and now it is up to computer architects to enable the next wave of revolutionary applications.

I’m currently building an interdisciplinary research group to bridge the gap between advances in architecture and important new applications. If this sounds interesting to you, please shoot me an email (jlowepower@ucdavis.edu). I’d love to chat with you!


I am actively recruiting new Ph.D. students. I am looking for highly motivated, hard-working students with interest in computer architecture or strong application-specific backgrounds who want to work on cross-layer optimizations from the application through the system to the hardware.

Research Interests

Computer architecture, high-performance computing, memory system architecture, accelerator architecture.