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DArchR is recruiting new students to work on a variety of projects. If you’re excited about computer architecutre research, check out the prospective student page.

Recently published papers


Improving Provisioned Power Efficiency in HPC Systems with GPU-CAPP

HiPC 2018 paper extending the CAPP technique for GPUs improving their performance by exploiting large power variations.

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Architectural vs extra-architectural state

A Case for Exposing Extra-Architectural State in the ISA

A short paper which argues that we should include more details in the ISA so that security researchers can reason about how the hardware will execute an application.

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Constant Average Power Processing

ICCD 2017 paper that describes a new technique to use analog circuitry to perform very fine-grained DVFS that shows significant power savings for multithreaded workloads

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Featured projects

Hardware-software security interfaces

How can we design new hardware-software interfaces to allow for more secure devices?

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gem5 is an open source system simulator used in academia and industry

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