Kaustav Goswami

Graduate Student in Computer Science.

Graduate Student in Computer Science.

Email: kggowswami@ucdavis.edu

GitHub: https://github.com/kaustav-goswami

Personal Website: https://sites.google.com/view/kaustavgoswami/

My research focus currently is at the intersection of architecture and security. Due to variations, every hardware device is unique. The trick is to expose that uniqueness. I am currently investigating techniques that allow such aforementioned exposure. By extension, such techniques allow us to fingerprint users, which can be perceived as both good and bad.

Even with the hardware that we have, we are nowhere close to achieving peak performance. In my opinion, the maximum performance curve and security can be treated as an optimization problem. But can we even consider relaxing security constraints? There is another dimension to this optimization problem, and that is reliability. How can we input these phenomena into a deterministic platform like a simulator? In other words, can we ever close this gap between the real world and the simulated world? These are the topics that interest me and motivate me to keep on exploring more. I believe gem5 will allow us to explore these angles in a more comprehensive and inexpensive manner. In the long term, I want to explore efficient architectures via simulators, focusing on security and reliability.

Research Interests

Computer architecture, hardware security, reliability, simulator design.